An introduction to Beth

What is a multicreative professional?

The term is a term of her own making by shortening "multitalented creative professional". She invented the term some years ago. It was also intended to replace more dated terms such as "multidisciplinary artist/designer".

She invented the term to describe a creative talent that transcends medium, genre, or discipline. While she does not claim to be an expert in all arts, she invented the term to also indicate expansion into other creative ventures, as well as the unification of creative output and a lifestyle of constant learning and growth.

The term "professional" is equally important. It indicates her dedication to high standards, both in quality of results and a dedication to orderly and ethical action in pursuit of such results. This word is also important because it signifies a commitment to the principle that creative and performing artists should be justly compensated for their arts, thus improving their own lives and continuing their abilities to make art—to make a living with it if they so choose. In turn, this art enriches others in intrinsic ways that are beyond measurement. It is through this commitment that she pledges to lead and positively inspire others.

Beth The Designer

Elizabeth Maplesden creates and produces content for commerce, causes, and concepts, boldly utilizing a combination of imagemaking and conceptual techniques across media. She writes, edits, and reshapes her ideas, both by and for herself, or in collaboration with others. As a brander and as a communicator, she always joins with clients and collaborators in helping them get their message across to others better than they could alone. This is accomplished by merging their industry expertise with her impactful visuals and copy in ways that are relevant to others but are also unique, fresh, and sometimes unexpected.

Her work continues to catch eyes and turn heads, while capturing the wonders of those who experience them. But don't let the high contrast and bright colors fool you. Ideas and visuals alike are onion-like in form and concept—easy to grasp on the surface, yet there is often more to explore beyond that surface.

More About Beth in the Visual Arts
Graphic Design, Art Direction, Illustration, and Imagemaking

Beth The Musician

Elizabeth Maplesden has been propelling church music forward for well over a decade, having started at a young age. She brings her grace and power to every role in which she has excelled, no matter the instrument or position. Her innovations and her resourcefulness are often key to many successful worship teams and scenarios. With an eye towards what is new in worship, she includes what has worked over time. Drawing upon her characteristic energy, she marries the traditional to new ideas and technology—carrying those traditions forward with respect but without sentimentality. She does this while keeping the focus on what truly matters: being loud for Christ, worshiping the Lord, and proclaiming God's goodness to all generations.

Elizabeth Maplesden has also been innovating in music in her solo secular projects. Many around the world have heard her original compositions and reinvention of classics as Electrotype, an art/prog rock ensemble consisting of only herself.

More About Beth in Music
Sacred and Secular Music