Beth playing drums

About Her Music

Elizabeth Maplesden is an experienced performer and creator in both sacred and secular music. In the sacred space, she has many years of well-rounded experience beyond performance as a multi-instrumentalist. In that time, she has incorporated the practices and techniques of some of the area's best church music directors and worship leaders, culture leaders, and educators. From traditional to contemporary to blended worship, she exceeds expectations in every role she fulfills, using her leadership skills, sensitivity to situational needs, and operational adaptivity. She uses her skills as a producer to enhance, reinforce, and improve live performance while exuding authenticity and energy from years of absorbing a wide variety of music.

Her sacred and classical career encompasses a broad selection of many Christian traditions and audiences of many sizes, from an urban microcongregation to the Vatican. Drawing upon these experiences with gratitude and humility, she serves wherever she believes she is called to do so.

As a secular musician, she writes, performs, and produces original music (and a few original versions of classics) as the art/prog rock project Electrotype. Her tracks have been sold and streamed all over the world on services including Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Music. She draws upon these skills as part of any musical project of which she is a part.

Ms. Maplesden holds a bachelors of fine arts degree from Temple University. She is a current student in the masters of worship and music program at Cairn University, as well as a former drum student of Cairn's Community School of Music. She is both classically-trained and self-taught in performance and other areas of music. Also, she is a member of the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), and has work registered with Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI).

“Ms. Maplesden is obviously a creative dynamo and her garage-y/tatty multi-instrumental chops are actually an asset for…her orientation toward quirky raw experimentalism…”

—John Patrick, Progression

“The electronics, keyboards, power driving lead electric guitar and chunky bass will… surprise you.…If you want something that doesn’t neatly fit into any particular category this is the ticket.”

—Mark Johnson, Sea of Tranquility